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First Five: Books to Read

Curious about Keto and looking to add to your reading list? Start here with these five highly recommended books from a variety of experts.


By Gary Taubes

If you're only going to read one food-related book in your whole life it needs to be this one. Gary Taubes undertakes the most comprehensive exploration of the history of nutrition science ever collected in one tome.

Also highly recommended are his follow up books Why We Get Fat, and The Case Against Sugar.


by Robb Wolf

This is the only actual "diet book" on this list, but it's here because I love Robb's recommendation to pursue simple individual tests on yourself to see what actually work for you. This is the follow up to his 2010 book The Paleo Diet Solution, and he continues to recommend the pragmatic, sensible approach to eat things that are actually food.

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By Lierre Keith

If you've ever had the passing thought "maybe I should be following a plant-based diet" then you absolutely must read this book. Lierre Keith takes you through her difficult journey as she recovers from 20+ years of veganism. She breaks her exploration down in to 3 parts: the Nutrition, Morality, and Sustainability of eating plants vs animals. Keto or not, the beautiful writing style of Lierre Keith will help you understand the full implications of the food choices you make.


By Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery, PhD

Of all the keto books out there, I like this one the best because it covers everything from weight loss and health, supplementation, implementation of the diet, and exercise performance for athletic applications. It's also visually very appealing! I recommend buying this one in hard copy (rather than kindle or other e-reader format)

Follow Dr. Ryan Lowery on Instagram @ryanplowery.


Dr. James DiNicolantonio

The author takes you through a very detailed of the science of salt and the human body. There's no need to limit salt! And on a ketogenic diet special attention needs to be paid to getting enough salt. Also included in this book is a section on the use of salt as a performance enhancing pre-workout supplement. Neat!

Find Dr. James on Instagram @drjamesdinic

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