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Thanks for visiting My name is Jocelyn - nice to meet you! I'm a 37 year old mother of 2 from Canada. I've been doing CrossFit for over 12 years and I have the privilege of owning a CF gym and coaching full time. CrossFit has filled my life with amazing people, incredible experiences, and a healthy, capable body. I'm very proud to be one of only three Level 4 CrossFit Coaches in Canada.

In 2017, I was on the road to recovery after having my second baby. I was tired (of course!) and struggling to find the energy for morning workouts in my new routine. After reading many rave reviews about the energy and focus provided by bulletproof coffee, I was swept down a rabbit hole of learning about the ketogenic diet. With all competitive plans on hold during the post-partum phase, I figured it was a good time to try something new.

I learned so much interesting information, but I found most of the research available was related to weight loss, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc - none of which were applicable to me. Through my travels I managed to connect with other metabolically healthy individuals and athletes who were turning to a ketogenic diet for it's many other benefits. I really appreciated the people that were willing to share their experiences and self-experiments and so I figured it was only fair that I share my information as well. 

For three years I've been documenting my food, training, and  data on instagram @theketoathlete. Now a website as well, The Keto Athlete is a hobby and a passion for me, a side-project where I get to share information and geek out with other curious fitness freaks. I've created this website to amalgamate everything from my favorite recipes to workouts to lectures and articles. I hope you find it helpful! 

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