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Nutrition 101 Seminars

Ok, long overdue but I'm finally making this happen! It's been close to 5 years since I last delivered a nutrition seminar and I've piled on the knowledge since then. My mission for 2021 is to share more of what I've learned!

I'm starting with a FREE Nutrition 101 on Calories, Macros, and Hormones. What matters, what doesn't, and how to make sense of it all! My goal is to make complicated topics SIMPLE and easy to understand. With some basic knowledge I can help you navigate the confusing and seemingly contradictory world of nutrition.

If you live near me, come to my gym CrossFit BRIO on Sat Feb 6 at 3pm for an in-person session.

And if you don't, no problem. I'll be delivering an interactive webinar to my curious friends far and wide on Mon Feb 8 at 5:30pm CST.

Nutrition 101 will be followed by a series of seminars on specialty topics such as Ancestral Health, Everything Keto, Nutrition for Kids, Sleep Science, and Lean for Life Weight-loss.

Seminar Description

In this seminar I'll be taking you through the basics of nutrition from calories, to the macronutrients, to the hormones related to fat storage, appetite, hunger, and muscle. So much information out there is seemingly contradictory! One person says it's ALL about calories in/calories out, while another says calories don't count. Some preach low fat, while others advocate low carb. Some say you need carbs to perform while others swear you don't. WHAT GIVES??? And who is right???

In this seminar I will be breaking down the complex and overwhelming into clear and simple concepts that will help you navigate the confusing world of nutrition information. By examining both sides, we'll come to see that many seemingly opposing viewpoints are actually more similar than we think.


  • The history of calories

  • The role of calories in weight management

  • Addressing the question: "Do Calories matter???"


  • Carbs, Protein, and Fat

  • What they're for, what you need, and why


  • Insulin + glucagon and their role in fat storage

  • Ghrelin + Leptin and appetite

  • Cortisol + melatonin and their influence on circadian rhythm

  • Growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone and other muscle-related hormones

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