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Upcoming Seminars

Thank you so much to everyone who attended or tuned in to Nutrition 101! I'm working on putting this material into an online course format that will be accessible any time. More updates to come on that soon...

If you're interested in a deep dive into any of the topics we touched on, here is the schedule of upcoming seminars. You can attend in person at my gym CrossFit BRIO or tune in live from anywhere in the world via the webinar option.

Seasonal Genius - Saturday Feb 20 3pm CST

In this seminar we'll explore evolutionary biology and learn to speak the language of your genes to tap into the inherited wisdom of your badass ancestors. Looking to lose excess fat, get stronger, sleep better, feel happier, stay healthier? Send the right signals to your DNA to get exactly the outcome you're looking for.


Everything Keto - Saturday Mar 6 3pm CST

In this live, in-person seminar we'll be discussing everything you need to know about nutritional ketosis. What is ketosis and why does this process exist in the human body? Who should be keto and when? The essentials of implementing a keto diet and considerations for the Keto Athlete.


Nutrition for Kids - Saturday Mar 20 3pm CST

In this seminar we will go through the key nutrients kids need to grow up happy, healthy, and strong.

Fats: the good, the bad, and the toxic

Carbs: How much, what kind, and when

Protein: the best sources for brain, bones, and muscles.

You'll also learn about key nutrients that determine everything from facial symmetry to dental health to cognitive development. Feed your kids well to decrease mood swings and tantrums. Fuel their brain for better learning at school. Supply the best building blocks for strong bodies and decrease the risk of sport injuries. And most important of all, how to make it delicious so they'll actually eat it!


Sleep Science - Saturday April 3 3pm CST

Sleep is the foundation for brain health, athletic recovery, emotional management, glucose regulation, immune health, and so so much more. In this online webinar we'll be covering everything you need to know to have the best sleep of your life. This course is for you if you...

- struggle to fall asleep despite fatigue ("tired but wired")

- struggle to stay asleep (wake up after 4-5 hours)

- wake up in the night (especially to pee)

- wake up feeling groggy despite a full night's sleep (low morning energy)

This course is also for you if you would like to...

- reduce Alzheimer's disease risk

- get stronger

- lose body fat

- recover from injuries faster

- reduce depression or feel happier

- get smarter and retain more information

We'll be covering what sleep is and why it matters, nutritional strategies for better sleep, the proper sleep environment, and easy habits you can implement right away.


Lean for Life Weight Loss - Saturday April 20 3pm CST

If you've tried the standard food pyramid diet, counting calories, or tracking macros and found it didn't work for the long term, it's not you it's them! In this seminar we'll be covering all the cutting edge research on cravings, appetite, and energy so you can get and stay lean for life. Lose weight for health, fit into your favorite jeans, or look good naked! Understand your hormones and the signals that trigger them and you'll be able to easily manage a healthy bodyweight, no annoying calorie counting, weighing your food, or hunger required! You don't have "bad genes" or a "damaged metabolism", you just need to learn to work with your body, rather than against it.

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