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Adding More Liver To My Life

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If you spend any time hanging around the keto or carnivore world, you'll quickly be brow beaten into the idea that basically if you want to crush it at life, you need to be incorporating organ meats into your diet.

Especially liver. People will just not shut up about liver.

And for good reason. It's packed with the most bio-available sources of iron, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, choline, folate, phosphorus, biotin, and on and on. Forget kale, this stuff is nature's real superfood. Benefits of eating liver include:

- improved skin

- stronger bones

- healthier eyes

- faster muscle growth and exercise recovery

- mood and cognitive benefits

- stronger immune system

- better energy including a mysterious "anti-fatigue" factor that exists independent of taking all of these nutrients as supplements

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BUT I didn't grow up eating this stuff and frankly the idea of it grosses me out! So I'm on a mission to slowly train my palette to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Steak and chicken, steak and chicken, steak and chicken gets a little boring after all. In addition to ditching all plants for an experimental month, part of my mission for #worldcarnivoremonth in Jan 2020 is to add more organ meats. So here's the starting point...

Strategy 1: Hide it in things

Soak the liver in lemon juice or milk for up to 8 hours. This helps to remove some of the harsh taste.

Puree in the food processor

Freeze in mini muffin portions and add to any recipes involving ground beef. Meatballs, tacos, burgers, meatloaf, or check out my recipe for Hidden Liver Chili.


Strategy 2: Eat it raw

Experiment with this at your own risk! I don't mind making myself a guinea pig (and I don't have worms yet), but you should understand that the safety of consuming raw animals cannot be guaranteed. If you're going to consume uncooked meats, at least make sure you've invested in the freshest, highest quality meats you can get your hands on from a reputable farm near where you live.

I cut the liver into the long strips, then small pieces about the size of a fish oil capsule. I flash froze them on this cutting board, then sealed them in a container once they were solid pieces. I swallow about 8 little chunks each day with a meal, which amount to 2-3 oz of raw liver each week.

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