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What's in my Genes: My 23andme Data

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

This in video I take you through all the information contained in my 23andme genetic data. With the help of Dr. Rhonda Patrick's tool, I uncovered interesting points related to:

  • Neanderthal heritage (I have a lot!)

  • Celiac Disease risk

  • Chron's disease risk and impaired vitamin C transport

  • PPAR-alpha and the ability to initiate ketogenesis in the liver

  • Predisposition to obesity

  • Lactose tolerance

  • Fasting and cancer risk

  • PPAR-gamma and fat metabolism

  • Alzheimer's Risk

  • MTHFR mutations

  • Choline deficiency

  • B12 deficiency

  • Muscle protein synthesis

  • Endurance capacity

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, please post them below in the comments.

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